Top 6 Best Diners Around the US

Characterized by traditional American cuisine, simple stools and retro food, diners send their customers back in time to when life was simpler. While diners are not as popular as they used to be and may have more limited opening hours now than before, they still haven’t lost their magic. You still have a chance to enjoy classic American dishes in a friendly atmosphere away from the noise and hassles of everyday life. Here are top 6 best diners in around the US.


Tops Diner, New Jersey

Known for winning ‘best diner in America’ awards and getting honorary mentions, Tops diner lives up to New Jersey’s reputation as the capital of Diners in the US. The diner boasts of the biggest menu a diner can offer which includes signature dishes like; blueberry pancakes, NY strip, and Jameis meatloaf. Btw, they also serve desserts made with Stevia in case you’re sugar conscious. Additionally, you can get treated to BBQ ribs among other dishes. To embrace the full allure and glory of the best diner in the US, you need to visit this place and get a first-hand experience. You will realize why Tops diner is the best in the world.


Frank’s diner Wisconsin


With limited seating space and a popular delicacy called “Garbage”, this diner might not instantly strike you like the ideal place to be in. However, Frank’s diner holds a reputation as the longest running diner in the US. The diner offers the best calorie busting delicacies in their impressive menu. Their signature dish ‘garbage’ consists of five eggs, green pepper, hash browns and onions. You can choose to add meat, and if you want a more substantial meal, you can take it along with their large buttermilk pancakes and fluffy omelets.


Tom’s Restaurant in New York, NY


Known for its heavenly lemon pancakes smeared with a variety of butter, this diner is the best to be in Manhattan. Do not be surprised to see a long queue of hungry diners on weekend mornings; this place is popular for its meticulously prepared snacks and drinks. Once here, apart from munching on their delicious cookies that come paired with proffered orange slices, you should treat yourself to one of their timely eggs and coffee fix. Your dinner experience will never be the same again.


Brent’s Drugs Jackson, Mississippi


While this Brent’s may have undergone renovations when it made its Hollywood debut in ‘The Help’, the diner still maintains its alluring old-school well-worn air, Formica counters and hanging fountain soda lights style. Their two slices Texas toast made up of fried eggs, gooey and bacon will make your breakfast complete. How about a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich served with the spicy, gooey cheese melting from the sandwich? If you are not feeling hungry, you could drop in for their exquisite classic cocktail made how you want it.


Dime Store in Detroit, MI


This wild brunch restaurant like diner infuses more life into the diner experience. With a wide array of delicacies on their menu, get treats like the Belgian waffle, Korean style hash ‘duck-bop’ accompanied with pickled veggies and the poutine style french fries filled with bacon with a drizzle of truffle oil. While still at it, do not miss their iconic sweet Irish coffee made stronger by spiking it with a good amount of whiskey.


Bluebird diner Iowa City, Iowa


Popular for families and students looking to cure their hangovers, Bluebird diner is the perfect place to get to sample a cross-cultural Collision meal. Grab their huevos Epstein’s delicacy which is homemade smoked pork garnished with chile verde, and accompanied with hash browns, easy eggs, and Parmesan polenta. This is the perfect check-in for Midwest food in Iowa City.